Having a system put in place in implementing change control management is crucial to the success of the adjustment procedures and in normalizing the work environment. This is on top of having an efficient change control procedures in place.

Change control system cannot be equated with the procedures or plans that have been approved and evaluated. The system will have to define roles, set timelines as against deadlines and provide backups and alternatives when setbacks occur even for automated change controls like server or technical network changes.

A good change control system must first have consistent procedures, preferably patterned after global internal policies particularly in the areas of documentation and processing that adhere to international quality assurance standards.

Second, the system must utilize solutions that can be applied across the work environment or the enterprise as much as possible, as against one-off point solutions that restricts collaboration of ideas and processes.

The third is the presence of a secure and reliable action framework with enough controls to ensure that data is protected from any unauthorized access or accidental changes.

Fourth is the incorporation of an automatic recording of history or changes, with focus on time, date and other statistical reference that would confirm the inputs made and who initiated the data actions.