Technology has enabled many businesses to keep up with the challenge of dealing with constant changes in the work environment.

This is especially true in the area of change control management, where the complicated process of mobilizing new methods and practices across an entire work environment needed automation and multiple real-time access. These requirements are met by using change control management software.

The appropriate change control management software vary from industry to industry or specific needs. However, there are basic features that must be incorporated in all automated change control applications.

These include flexible workflow (can be customized according to change targets), ease of use and implementation, secure data and access, and history documentation, tracking and audit trail. A good helpdesk feature is also an essential component.

The Internet is a good source to search for the best change management control software for your specific needs. Check out Slam Solutions, Inc. (, which offers a complete and detailed change management solution with features to easily track, manage, and control change in a fully web-based environment.

Meantime, Project Perfect ( offers change control management solutions catering to the needs of project administrators, with features like centralized data input, consolidated viewing of multiple changes and automated calculations and projections. Finally, Master Control ( software solutions for change control management are designed for ISO and FDA-regulated businesses.