A change control template is a plan or a framework for implementing the change control process. The template is essentially a record of the change control implementation phase from justification of the proposed change to approval (or rejection).

The change control template is an important tool in change control management, serving as a guide and reference for change implementors. It essentially keeps track of the change implementation flow, deadlines, task delegation and budget allocation.

The interface of a change control template vary depending on the change control software provider and for what industry, sector or segment of production it is intended for.

Essentially, narrative history and specific technical steps are contained in the template, and the data are filled out by assigned personnel. An overall person in charge will evaluate the implementation progress, and the data are used to assess the efficiency of the whole change control management system.

Because change control template needs to updated real-time by personnel from various points in the operation and in different times, template input security is important in handling it.

Common security measures for change control template include access limits, where only authorized personnel can use it with varying access levels. To protect data in the template, it must be equipped with a backup or data recovery plan.